At Johnston, Gremaux & Rossi we know the importance of working hand in hand with our trucking companies to truly understand the logistics and behind-the-scenes action of a trucking company.  Did you know that the term "drayage", which describes the transport of containerized cargo between ocean ports, rail ramps, and shipping docks, originally meant to “transport by a sideless cart, pulled by a dray horse”?  In these ever so changing times we know that the transportation and the trucking industries have come a long way from the horse and buggy.  Let us help “transport” your company into the 21st century!

Our many years of experience with large trucking companies can provide you with answers to your questions about:

  • Inter and intra state companies filing requirements and doing business in multiple states.
  • Dispatch modules and how they can maximize workforce and increase productivity.
  • Identifying key business processes and opportunities to improve asset management.
  • Tax planning strategies and credits that could be beneficial to your business.

For more information contact:

Joseph Ivankovich, Mid-Market Partner

Days until April 15

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